Stop Stressing About Sleep

Sleep - week 5

How do you sleep at night?

Summer is supposedly the time to relax. Unfortunately, when your summer is a dangerous concoction of working, moving into a new house and weather induced compulsion to socialise, one thing seems to fall astray.

Thanks to a double up of housemate birthdays the weekend began on Tuesday night with a “casual” drink at Sydney’s best pub, The Glenmore on The Rocks. From then on my week was an assortment of hosting a house party, forgetting work arrangements, doctors’ appointments and a visiting parent. When bouncing from one thing to another I always neglect the one thing that humans are meant to spend a third of their life doing: sleeping.

A dire mix of alcohol and stress is in no way conducive to a comfortable kip. Periods like this are pretty much unavoidable. Even when you find yourself slotting in between the seven to nine hours of recommended sleep, you can still wake up with puffy eyelids and a hankering to hit the hay again.


For me stress and sleep go hand in hand. So battling for a good nights sleep has proven to be a struggle. Nonetheless, in fitting with my 2018 mission to give less of a crap, I am determined to get better periods of shut eye.

My room has been a beacon of atmospheric, albeit unwelcome, light. The arrival of my handyman dad in Sydney bought with it the return of a more comfortable sleep environment thanks to black out curtains.

No longer a ode to the heavens, my sleep staunchness was elevated. For one week I am trialling a new sleep schedule. No phones or liquids at least two hours before bed. To do lists will also be completed earlier in the evening. When I can I will also be giving evening yoga a crack.

Its never too late to redeem ones sleeping style, only if I am only two weeks out from starting of my third year of Uni.

And if you have time …

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