The Spill on January 2018

2018 new year

2018 has begun! Here is everything that we have loved and learnt in January 2018!

What We Leant

Will: You’re only 19! 

Maddie: Spend your hard earned cash to treat yourself!


The Shape of Water

W: The Shape of Water

A masterful romp that transcends genres and themes, The Shape of Water is a cinematic achievement. Mexican director Gullermo del Toro has crafted a visually mesmerising picture that keeps the audience captive despite the unworldly subject matter. Sally Hawkins performance is grand, but could we please upgrade Octavia Spencer beyond supporting actress roles.

M: Three Billboards outside Ebbing, Missouri

Three Billboards outside Ebbing Missouri reinforces what the New Year should and shouldn’t be about with the best dark humour of the year so far. You SHOULD: stand up for yourself, plant flowers to brighten up dark moments and use the past to create a better future. You SHOULDN’T: be intimidated by power or care what people think about your decisions. Frances McDormand’s performance as Mildred Hayes inspires confidence. Not convinced? Read our review here.


W: The Crown

Season two of Netflix’s epic biopic of the current British monarch brings to a close the reign of a fine group of actors who will be replaced in future seasons. Claire Foy and Matt Smith are commanding yet endearing as Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip. Who knew royal watching could be so addictive. Better than season one. Have a look at our review.

M: Venice 24/7

While I did finally get on the bandwagon and delve into The Crown, on summer evenings, family viewing became directed at Venice 24/7. A fast paced SBS series, to watch the city of canals become the routes to saving lives, Venice 24/7 is a thrill ride and also a pleasant trip to Italy – surely you want to know about ambulances’ eight minute response time and other boat related drama?


W: Let Me Down Easy by Gang of Youths 

If the Hottest 100 proved anything it was that rock isn’t dead. Sydney rockers, Gang of Youths, entire second album is filled with head banging crackers, perhaps none are as heartfelt and clever as the uplifting Let Me Down Easy. Admittedly I was late to the party on this track.

M: Like Gold by Vance Joy

Years since Riptide, Vance Joy has moved into new realms. Earning the 9th spot on the Hottest 100 for Lay it on Me, this year has also seen Like Gold – a melody that hums along with a surprising catch. Listen to the lyrics to give even more depths to Vance Joy’s voice and discover how easy it is to play on repeat.


We Need to Talk About Kevin

W: We Need to Talk About Kevin by Lionel Shriver

Disturbing and deeply impactful. We Need to Talk About Kevin is the kind of book that leaves you wondering what you would do in a similar situation. Written from the perspective of the mother of a boy who murders a group of his classmates, the novel sadly remains topical despite being being published more than 10 years ago.

M: The Nakano Thrift Shop by Hiromi Kawakami 

Finishing this book was an odd way to begin the new year, but nevertheless it is a unique ride through the complexities of human relationships and the characters one no doubt meets in a Japanese thrift shop. The intertwined nature of everyone in Hitomi’s life makes the book one that can easily keep you on tenterhooks.



W: 2KW, Adelaide 

Adelaide’s rooftop bar is a must for any city novice. The ambience is unlike any other. The share food plates are the perfect companion to the 180 view of the rapidly developing city skyline. The flavour of the truffle mushrooms will welcomely linger in your mouth the following morning.


M: Shuk, North Bondi 

With all the charm of beachy suburbs, Shuk also delivers in transporting you to the Mediterranean. The Shuk-E-Bowl brings together old favourites of cured salmon, black rice and lentils with tahini and ginger soy dressing alongside an extensive menu full of classics with a twist, clearly signposted Israeli inspired dishes and add ons like sweet potato croquettes. Sit outside and you can smell fresh bread and pastries from their bakery five minutes up the road.


W: Robe, South Australia 

If you need further clarification for why I love Robe have a look here. Hidden nearly four hours south east of Adelaide, visitors come to the quiet seaside town for the crayfish and stunning blue water. However, you will want to extend your trip thanks to spontaneous coastal drives, hearty food and a good old yarn at the Calie.

McKell Park

M: McKell Park, Sydney

January goals: enjoy the sunshine. Yes, this means going to be the beach and swallowing sea water for the first time in a year, but what it really means is finding Monet-like sunsets and sunrises. And one of the best places to do this is at McKell Park, Darling Point. Feels like someone’s backyard, but it’s for you.

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