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So after two weeks of a bar fridge and no Internet, this week ended with the arrival of a freezer and Wi-Fi, but not before a quick trip to the country.

The end of January marked the end of my summer holiday. I spent the week balancing O-Week organisation at work, sourcing the cheapest but most efficient vacuum and embarrassing myself in yoga classes filled with 50-year-olds. I am not yet ready to let go of my holiday. So, after four days of trying to be an adult, I gave myself the day off on Friday.

Located a scarily convenient 300m from my front door, A Little More is a cafe that is doing exactly that for Randwick. Although the menu is nothing revolutionary, the clean industrial aesthetic and equally fast and friendly service, makes this hole in the wall a perfect juxtaposition to the not so stylish Belmore Road.

The day was made even better by a duo of reunions. Travelling for work, I shared a gossipy brunch with Adelaide mate Lucy. Then, after six months away in Canada, our share house of four was finally full again when Peekie waltzed back into the eastern suburbs. Suffice to say, my mood lifted tenfold, and with that it was time to hit the road.

Country 21st’s aren’t usually my favourite thing. Don’t get me wrong I enjoy a party. However, the best thing about a night out for me is my early return to bed. This is something that has proven a struggle at country bush doofs.

liv lowlands 21st

Nonetheless, this weekend’s adventure to Mandurama in NSW’s west was a welcomed exception to the rule. Fitting with the arty nature of the party’s subject, the Mandurama affair was a classy tribute to a fine NIDA student. Class did turn to trash by the time the bottles of red wine made it onto the makeshift dance floor. Keeping with my form, I was willing to adapt a little to the country vibe, sleeping in a swag (in the living room).

And if you have time …

Sweet potato and corn fritters @ A Little More

Have a drink @ The Ritz Bar before watching Lady Bird

Listen to Saturday Sun by Vance Joy

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